Among other interests, I have always loved the art of photography.  Recently I was asked how and when I first became involved in taking pictures.  As a teenager, I brought my camera everywhere I went. Like an American Express Card, I dared not leave home without it!

Looking back, my habit of snapping candid shots of friends at parties was both a source of amusement and frustration to them.  I had an entire series of people's hands, trying to get me to stop taking their pictures.  Years later, however, I began getting calls out of the blue from some of these same half-forgotten friends, requesting copies of those long lost "Kodak Moments."

So about fifteen years ago, as a young mother in need of work, I applied for a job as a receptionist at a photography studio.  I did so on one condition: that I be granted an opportunity, should one arise, to become a photographer myself.  "Listen kid," grumbled the old studio owner, "I've got experienced photographers coming out my ears. My studio adheres to the highest standards.  So don't bet on it!"   Three weeks later I was a "professional" photographer.  And I've been freelancing ever since.

Like every artist, my style and interests constantly evolve.  I tell anyone interested in photography, that just putting that camera strap over your shoulder, will help you see the world differently.  It allows us to see everything in a more beautiful and enchanting way.  So I encourage you, the next time you leave your house, just grab your camera, put it in your pocket or purse and I promise you, you will see something in a way that you have never seen it before. The more you shoot the better you will "see".

Thank you for visiting my website.  Please enjoy this sampling of my photography.  I would love to hear your feedback.  To send me an email, simply click on my signature below.